“I’ve been living in the USA for over 10 years, where Big Brothers Big Sisters is a well-recognized organization held in high esteem. The fact that one year can mean a new beginning for many children speaks for itself. My husband and I support the organization by volunteering as a ‘big brother’ and ‘big sister’. Being a ‘Big’ and being able to accompany a child a little on their way through life is an extremely enriching experience and an indescribable privilege.
“I congratulate the Austrian director on the opening of Big Brothers Big Sisters here in Austria, and in doing so opening up a new world of opportunity to both the “Littles” and their “Bigs”.”

Doris Jankovits-Barnes, pedagogue and graduate nurse.


“As a mentor, it’s a real pleasure to be granted the trust which we are given. In addition, it’s a great feeling to be able to improve a person’s life in the long-term by spending time with him or her. That’s simply priceless.”
Melinda Borzsak, Social Media Manager
“I think it’s extremely important to go through life with enough self-confidence – I’d like to pass that on to my little sister.”

Ana Pompa Alarcόn, recruitment consultant


“Making new discoveries together is great fun for both of us. Big Brothers Big Sisters Austria really found the exact right ‘brother’ for us: not only do we share many interests, but our personalities also complement each other brilliantly.”

Fabian Moisl, Student (technical physics, Vienna University of Technology)


“During our last meeting, Florian took great delight in showing me the class test he had passed in mathematics. I am extremely proud of him.”

Paul, 42, doctor


“It was an enriching experience to be able to discover Vienna through the eyes of a young person once more. When we meet, we always do something we both enjoy and check out all different kinds of places. We often just go for a walk and chat about everything that’s happened over the past week… Sometimes we even need to have a sit down on the next bench because we’re laughing so much!”

Nina, 26, employee