We are…

  • An independent non-profit organization which nurtures individual children’s and young people’s potential.
  • A motivated, diverse and professional team of psychologists and pedagogues paid in accordance with the BAGS wage agreement as set out by Sozialwirtschaft Österreich. We are managed by an unpaid director.
  • Experienced and understanding mentors for each child and his/her parents.
  • Reliable support staff for our mentors.
  • The Austrian partner of Big Brothers Big Sisters International – the largest and most successful mentoring organization worldwide.

We guarantee…

  • That our voluntary mentors are carefully selected and are well trained.
  • The best-matching motivated adult for each young person
  • Specialist, professional support for the child, parent(s) and mentors throughout the entire process.
  • The upkeep of high international quality standards
  • To work in conjunction with local associations, schools and institutions in order to provide the best support for “our” young people and children.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide each and every child with a real chance at positive personal development.

Our Mission

Carefully chosen and well-trained mentors provide support for children and young people facing adversity – giving them a kick-start to achieving success in life and determining their own future.